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Tennessee Federation of Colored Women's and Youth Clubs, Inc.
"Liftng As We Climb"

"The Process Continues: the Past, Present, Future of Raising the Standards of Education, Economic, Health and Social Welfare and Commitment to Preserve our Heritage and Legacy."

Shelia Barlow, State President

President's Message

Thinking of the Tennessee State Federation of Colored Women Clubs we spend a lot of time talking about our rich history which is something that we are all proud of and should never forget. However, if we do not work harder to recruit new members and new clubs we will cease to exist.

I hear many of you say that people are not familiar with the Federation. It is our job to make it known. We have new obligations and new challenges. We have shared trials and triumphs on our thorny road toward progress. I do believe that we want this organization to succeed. Here are four suggestions for recruiting new members:

1. Have a clear membership goal for your club
2. Make sure each member is on board with the club plan
3. Have a membership minute at every club meeting
4. Have incentives for recruitment

Some of you have recruited new members but I would like to see each one of us get two new members in the 2019-2020 year. Also, think about starting a new club in your area. I know this sounds like a large task, but I know we can do it.

Our community service project was very successful this year we worked collectively to provide coats and school supplies for an organization of our choice and sent pictures to headquarters. As you can see we work well when we come together as a group. This is a service organization that was created to a help others.

What does it mean to be a servant? A servant is a devoted and helpful follower or supporter. There are numerous ways to... The idea of servanthood is to humble yourself, submit to God, and meet the needs of others. There are many good servants in this organization. Let’s stay focused and keep up the good work.

I encourage us to stay sisterly focusing on the good in each other, helping where help is needed, congratulating on success remembering that No man is an island. No, man stands alone”. We need to lift each other as we climb. Lifting as we climb, means that as I climb the ladder of success, I am also in the process of trying to help others ‘reach the top’ as well. We show our unselfish love for others by giving them a helping hand, not allowing others to ‘fall by the wayside’, but instead help them to elevate themselves.

May an ever-compassionate God who has guided us from our organization in 1896 continue to lead us into the years ahead with courage and stamina to build a better world.

Lifting as We Climb
Sheila Barlow, President